Rosh Pinna

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"How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!"
(BaMidbar 24:5)

Rosh Pinna

Rosh Pinna, Рош-Пина. Photo: (c)

Rosh Pina is a settlement and local council, located on the slope of Mount Kna'an.

It was founded in 1884. Its name means "cornerstone".

The place where the settlement is located is considered one of the most beautiful corners of the country and attracts tourists.

From here you can see the valley of Hula, Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights.

Local council "Rosh Pinna":
Tel. 04-6808602

The National Insurance Institute of Israel ("Bituah Leumi"):
ha-Palmah 100, Safed
Tel. *6050, 12226050

Israeli Employment Service ("Lishkat Taasuka"):
Tzahal 61, Hatzor ha-Glilit
Tel. 04-9005101, 04-9005102, 04-9005103, 04-9005104

Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing:
04-6088245, 04-6088249, 04-6088250, 04-6088251

Israel Ministry of Tourism:
Rosh Pina, Kanyon
Tel. 1-800-323223, 04-6801465

City streets and attractions near the city:

Rosh Pinna

Rosh Pinna
The distance
(in straight line):

to Jerusalem - 132 km
to Tel Aviv - 118 km
to Haifa - 50 km
to Beer Sheva - 199 km